Thursday, October 1, 2009

ASR photos and quotes

Big thanks to Pascal for the sick sick sound system to play on. A proper rig does make all of the difference. Super clean tops, and powerful bass make everyone happy, and it translates directly into the performance.

Sweating. It was hot.

You can see a partial view of the LED wall in this shot.

Twitter mentions:

@ian23 time slips by in oaktown, oh yes. amazing sounds & sights, plus love this dancefloor.

@MsGelsey My husband is one talented mother fucker. TSB=awesome. The crowd went wild. I got my dance on, now happy to be home.

@mcknew TSB at ASR 102 dB, 105 max, 108 peak Sep 27, 2009 12:41 AM Lat. +37.8º, Long. -122.3º

Email mentions:

Joe Ardent (Intercepted off the FnF Chat list): ...TSB, who fucking
KILLED IT! Just amazing energy, complex and interesting beats, and the
wall of synchronized and patterned lights...

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